Friday, March 12, 2010

Poem of the Week

I have started a poetry group in Yahoo Groups at the following site:

There, I write a poem a week and submit to the group. My most recent poem was dedicated to my husband, Anthony, who inspires me in just about all my work.
Below is the poem.

Soul Mate

When did our hearts melt into one,
Entwined by cords of love
Filling our very souls with
As Angels blow kisses our way

Floating higher and higher
The shifting clouds of life
Where there is no time, but a
Passionate expression of

When did our souls merge into one,
To feel an ethereal light that
Within and around us, so pure and free,
It lights our very essence, our very

Did it begin even before we were born -
Where our paths did cross in a mysterious
Embracing our thoughts and feelings
So that even apart, we would always be
As One.

Patty Apostolides 2010

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