Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fight for Frederick Cancer Cluster

Today my family and I went to a meeting held by Randy White in Frederick, MD. He is the founder of the Kristen Rene Foundation, named after his daughter who died young from cancer. Mr. White, a pastor, also lost his wife to cancer. They lived in the Frederick area.

The meeting was held at the International Community Center at 4:00pm.
We were all given packets and inside them was information about Fort Dietrick, a CD with information, and a claim form for people living near Fort Dietrick who got cancer. It was a very moving talk. A map was in the packet of Frederick and each mark on the map represented a cancer patient. Most of the marks were around Fort Dietrick area. The map was filled with marks, hundreds of them. We learned about the toxic waste going into the creek and when Mr. White asked how many in the auditorium had cancer (living in Frederick) just about all the hands went up. It was also very disturbing to hear their testimonies and how many of them lost several family members to cancer. Several news media were there, including CNN and TV13 from Frederick.

As we were leaving, I heard someone being asked by a reporter about his experience living in Frederick and he said that he remembers the experiments, and in one case the balloon that went up above them and dispersed toxins. Hmm...very disturbing news indeed.

When it came to the question period, many hands went up and I didn't get a chance to ask my questions. First of all, I heard a lot about TCE's and PCE's which are chemicals. I didn't hear much about radiation waste, and it might be significant enough to cause damage also (in the way of heart problems and cancer). Second, I was wondering why all these people, knowing that it is not safe to live there, haven't left earlier from that place. I know I would have done the best I could to get out of there. Third, given the toxicity of the area, there should have been evacuations a long time ago.

I hope and pray that these people living in the area as well as the foundation find justice in all of this.

Click below to get more information on this worthy cause:

Fighting For Frederick website

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