Thursday, October 06, 2011

Don't be Afraid of Love

I wanted to focus on an important topic that I've been fortunate enough to witness all of my life - and that topic is Love. I grew up in a loving family, and had loving relatives, and have a loving husband, and loving son, and so on...Once we experience Love, we can express it to others.

It is such an important piece of our lives that if we do not experience it, we literally shrivel up and die. Countless studies with monkeys have shown that baby monkeys do not survive if they do not cuddle with their mother, and the same thing goes with human babies. We all need Love.

The fact that I have three novels testifying to Love shows its importance in my life. I chose to write love stories because I felt deeply about my love for my husband, my son, parents, siblings, etc. and love brings us together. The Bible has several beautiful passages about Love and its characteristics (forgiving, patient, kind).

We know there are different types of Love, but they all point to building relationships and caring for one another as if that other person is yourself.

So let Love into your life, and you will literally transcend into another reality, a better reality.

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