Sunday, November 20, 2011

Listen to your Heart

Listen to your Heart

How many times must a rocket
Flare a path up into the air,
Slicing, dicing oxygen
Laced with petroleum
Fast and furious path
To nowhere,
Only to fall back down
Broken piece of junk -
To humble Earth.
Its cost absorbed by millions,
Yet no one knows why, except
A few privileged.

How many homes must a
Nuclear power plant light,
Spewing radiation poisoning
Like Medussa's venom
Into the frigid night air
While babies cry out.
Somehow they know
Radiation is not good for them,
Yet no one listens.
Children's hospitals
Sprout forth like mushrooms
Postponing death's call
To diseased children
For a few more months.

And when we lay down our heads
At night,
Do we dare listen to our heart
To the love that binds our
Destiny to one another
And do something about it?
Or do we turn our heads,
Choosing to ignore the
Cries of babies in the night,
Unable to defend their right
To live one more day,
Victims of a polluted universe
That spews them forth like venom
Into the pitch black of night.
Only they don't get to return
to humble Earth.

by Patty Apostolides, 2011

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