Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Radiation and more Radiation

One "new normal" activity these days includes a daily check of our inside air with our radiation detector Inspector+ which is linked to the computer through a software program (both detector and software program bought by Mineralab.com). Typically, the detector would range from 20-40 cpm. The last few days, I've been getting alerts (I set the threshold to 50 cpm to alert me when it reaches that count) for 50 cpm and above. One alert was for 56 cpm. Although it's not exceedingly high, it is almost twice the normal reading that I got in the past. This additional radiation is probably gamma rays, since the radiation is coming from the outside and passing through our walls.

I wonder if others have been seeing spikes in their radiation readings. To answer that question, I just checked the www.radiationnetwork.com website and I do notice at this time, 3:30pm Nov. 15 2011, that east of Pennsylvania, there was a 55cpm reading. That's high, also.

Although the site uses 100cpm as an alert threshold, I feel that 50 cpm is a better number. Any low-level radiation is unacceptable.

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Patty Apostolides said...

Today we got several readings inside our house that surpassed the 50 cpm mark! It was raining heavily outside and we know that rain can be a source of radiation coming down from the jet stream/atmosphere. I pulled the blinds over the window, hoping that might offset any radiation coming in from the windows, and it seemed to lessen it a bit but still we got high readings!

It is a bit perplexing seeing this and wondering what we would do if the numbers continued to climb higher?