Friday, March 16, 2012


Nature’s Caress

Remember when the cardinal sings,
On a branch with its crimson wings -
It merrily chirps its happy tune,
All day long when Lilies bloom.

Remember that the sun, so high
Brings peace and love within its light.
It shines its steady glow of love,
Even though clouds do form above.

Do not forget the mighty oak
Its branches spreading coast to coast.
It shades the eye and cools the soul
When hot summer days unfold.

Squirrels with acorns run to and fro,
While worms burrow in the ground below.
Bees and flies buzzing everywhere
Part of nature, they do care.

Those Humans somehow did forget
That all of this is nature’s caress.
Throwing litter in parks and streams
Causes nightmares in nature’s dreams.

By Patty Apostolides, 2010

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