Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Poem - Parting Words

 Parting Words

Then all was dark
And I floated toward heaven
The light guided my way

I didn’t know that you’d be my life
My soul, forever gentle source,
Streaming through every pore
Of me, my essence,
Loving me, bathing me
In warm splendor
Lighting my inner being
With everything that is whole

Yet I pause and look back
At my loved ones
Even as I float above them
I see their sadness
I feel their pain
But they cannot see me
I waver, hoping our love
Reunites once more

I reach down to stroke away
Your tears, hoping you will know
That I still love you
My father
My mother
My sister
My brother
All who still live on this earth
That will taste fear

I no longer fear
But am filled with love
Even though I have parted this earth
Not of my doing.

One day we will reunite,
One day, and it will be the
Happiest day for us all.

2012 by Patty Apostolides

This poem is dedicated to all the children that have left this earth, including my nephew Nikita, and the children in Gaza, and others all over the world.  God bless them and their families!

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