Friday, March 01, 2013

Greek Novels Translated to English

I recently was approached by Greek authors interested in having their Greek book translated and published into English. Unfortunately, I do not have personal experience with that.

What I do know, is that the publishing world is very competitive, and fickle. This is just for Americans trying to publish in the USA. When you add the variable of having a Greek book translated into English, it becomes more complex.

My advice is to promote your  book, in whatever country you have your book published in. Also, to look for a foreign rights agent willing to take on your book and submit to a traditional publisher. It will take time to find the right agent.

Another option is to hire a translator, then self-publish the book. This will require upfront costs. Alternatives are to translate the book yourself, and self-publish through a company like who does not charge for publishing.

There are many avenues to take these days in the publishing world and it requires not only talent and creativity, but persistence.

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