Thursday, April 25, 2013

String Ensemble Concert

Today I will be performing in a string ensemble concert at the Hagerstown Community College in Maryland. This is the first time I will be performing violin with this ensemble, consisting of young and older students. I began this course several months ago on a cold January evening, hoping to see if I could play the violin. Being a violist all my life, this was a switch for me. I had to do it because of my neck injury a few years ago. I tried playing viola again last year, but I constantly felt pain while playing. The violin, however, is smaller and doesn't seem to cause pain like the viola does. So I have been playing that these past few months.

The violin really is a more interesting instrument. It is smaller, and daintier, but gives a lot of wallop when needed. It will croon, cry, laugh, squeal and do anything to get your attention! I am enjoying playing it, and the music is infinitely more interesting than the viola music of the past.

The string ensemble will be playing music by Sibelius, Albinoni, and Mozart (Eine Kleine Nactmusik). It will be followed by a choral concert given by students of HCC.

If I get a good recording of the concert, I will include it here.

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