Thursday, June 20, 2013

Can you imagine a life without the post office?

Several months ago, I had learned that the post office was cutting back its hours and that several post offices were not open on Saturdays. I recently witnessed this with our local post office, and I was saddened by the turn of events. I think the post office is a valuable part of our lives, a human part. Real people are behind those post office buildings, with real jobs and they have families, like you and I. We must think about them, too.   We have a relationship with our mailman. We wave when (she, in this case) comes by daily. Sometimes in the past, I have left little goodies for them for Christmas in the mailbox.
That gets lost in email.

I wrote a poem back in 2011, describing how I felt about the whole thing and what the post office meant to me:

Save the Post Office!

The post office has been the best of friends,
Throughout my youth and beyond.
It keeps me posted on life's trends
With nary a cause to frown.

Efficient and quick, they brought the news -
Always there each day for me.
Through birthdays, weddings, and college, too,
They sent mail for a very small fee.

I cannot think of another way
To receive my very own mail.
The post office should be here to stay.
Please, please, don't let it fail!!

by Patty Apostolides, 2011 

There is nothing quite as pleasing as a hand-written card, or a letter received in the mail. Email is alright, but not the same. Also, books get delivered by mail, and I love reading books. The feel of the book and turning the pages, fill my senses in different ways than scrolling down on the computer.

Here is a site that shows statistics about the post office. I think it tells the story:

So, try and use the post office whenever you can. Send cards to friends and family, instead of email. It's more personable. Send real gifts by mail.

The post office provides some privacy.  

I know that they say it's more "green" to use the internet for banking and to pay bills online. Do you really want all your personal information being available online? Think about it. The post office provides privacy when it comes to your bills.

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