Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Reminiscing over ten years of writing

I can't believe that it's been a little over ten years since I took this picture with my son, Anthony. The book I was holding in my hands was Lipsi's Daughter, my very first book, and I was doing a booksigning then. The story takes place on Lipsi Island and is a sweet romantic story. Since then I have written two other novels, a novella, a poetry book, and a children's book. I am currently writing my next novel.

So many factors go into writing stories, and it's not just overcoming writer's block or sitting down and doing the actual writing, it's also designing the plot, the characters, and the situations they get themselves into and out of. It's also about publishing the book, and then growing your readership, and catering to your readers. Once the book is published, it needs reviews, and a marketing and promotion plan. More than that, it needs persistence and drive. The first year this book was published, I sold over 1,000 books in six months. This was outstanding for me, a first time author, but it didn't come easy. I sent out many flyers to several Greek churches around the country, as well as to Greek organizations. My book ended up being sold at Greek festivals, becoming a fundraiser with AHEPA, and DOP. I spoke at different organizations and churches (NY, PA, MD, VA), bookclubs, and did many booksignings. I wasn't sitting there, hoping that people would learn about my book. I was out there, meeting people and shaking hands with them, and handing out business cards and flyers.

Ten years later, I have several books on Amazon kindle, so I can reach more people throughout the world. I'm seeing a very favorable readership in the UK, and am grateful for it. I also am heading a Hellenic writers' group in Bethesda, MD. We are a small group of dedicated writers, authors and wannabe authors. We also do a writers' workshop with this group. In addition, I've been working on my MFA in Creative Writing and hope to be finished by this summer! I'm very excited about it.

So you never know where you dream will end up once you start writing!

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