Sunday, May 14, 2017

Review of Helena's Choice by Rea Keech, Award-winning author

Review by Rea Keech
The story is set in England and Greece about five years after the Greek war of independence from the Ottoman Empire. Helena’s Greek mother is dead, and she has been raised as a proper English girl by her English father. But when he dies intestate, Helena’s fortune changes. She struggles for a while to support herself in England as a governess, but eventually decides to go to Greece to claim her mother’s property.
Helena’s father was an amateur archeologist who had been digging on that Greek property and had found some interesting artifacts. When Helena arrives, she meets a returned Greek archeologist who is digging on her mother’s as-yet unclaimed property. Will Helena’s love interest remain the English doctor she had known since childhood or shift to this Greek archeologist? And will they find anything of value on her mother’s property that Helena can use to support herself?
Helena experiences a very interesting period of Greece’s history. King Otto of Bavaria has been made king of Greece by the European powers and is struggling to gain control. Valiant bandits are still roaming the countryside after distinguishing themselves in resisting the Ottoman Turks. The novel is good at picturing what it might have been like to live in those times.
Yes, there is a vague plot connection between the Helena Cadfield of the novel and the Helen who was abducted by Paris in Greek myth. This adds a somewhat timeless perspective to the story.
The many specific details of daily life in both England and Greece show an author who is quite familiar with both cultures. She tells the story in a refined, elegant prose that is a pleasure to read.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Mother's Day Poem

To My Mother

Mother, my dear, sweet Mother
Your warm smile embraces my soul
Each and every day, and particularly
 On Mother’s Day
As I remember 
Your arms that held me,
Fed me, 
Clothed me, and 
Nurtured me 
Within the bosom of your love.

I am grateful that God gave me to you
And that He gave you to me.

Without you, I could not exist,
Without you, I could not breathe
Without you, I could not say I love you.
For you taught me the most important 
Thing in my life, and that’s the 
Unconditional love of a mother.

Even though the years have sped by 
And distance threatens to separate us
No matter where you are,
I will still feel you close to me,
Caring about me, loving me,
Sharing with me your sweet, special smile.
For I will always, always be your child.

by Patty Apostolides, May 2017

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hello everyone. My book HElENA'S CHOICE has been added to the Maryland Writers' Association Contest. I need five votes to make it eligible for the contest. Right now I have three votes. if you could kindly take a moment to read and vote on my book HELENA'S CHOICE for the MWA contest, I would appreciate it. I need 2 more votes! 
Many thanks in advance!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Toast for Life - Poem

I wrote this poem for a contest back in 2010, where they asked "What gets you out of bed in the morning?" This poem was the result. Enjoy!

A Toast for Life

To gather
Soft, willowy wisps of “thank you’s”
And blow them into the air until
A smile returns my way

To favor
Random acts of kindness
To those that hurt so much they cannot see,
Except my outstretched hand

To find
The path that leads to happiness
One step at a time
With a loved one by my side

To write
A story so pure and uplifting
That brings tears of joy,
One page at a time

To share
A journey of friendship
That lasts not only a lifetime
But forever

To search
For peace in everything
And once it is found -
Never let it go

To gain
The wisdom and foresight
Taught from life’s lessons
That leads me closer to maturity

To love
With a pure and forgiving heart
And allowing to be loved
One day at a time

To learn
Through books and classes
Of the universe’s secrets
And respect their power

To depart
This earth one day
Having accomplished my purpose -
To leave a part of me behind

- Patty Apostolides 2010

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Eternal Love - Poem

I dedicate this poem to all the lovers today on Valentine's Day:

Eternal Love

Would that the day never end
When the sun and moon do meet
So that night and day entwine
While the stars watch overhead
This everlasting time
Would that the day never end.

Would that life never end
When joyful sounds of life
Tap into the inner recesses
Of our minds
Burrowing deep into our hearts
Without a clue of cost or price
Would that life never end.

Would that Love never end
When the sunshine from your smile
Warms my spirit, soul, and mind
To embrace love faithfully
Enduring all that comes its way
Would that Love never end.

Bring the sun, moon, the stars
And your smile to light the way
All together for one moment
To fill up my life with love
So that even for one day
We could feel eternity's embrace
That is why Love never ends.

by Patty Apostolides, from Candlelit Journey: Poetry from the Heart

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Now is the Time

Everyone is focused on the New Year 2017, but I say:

Now is the Time

Gather all your thoughts today
Blow them into the wind and say -
No more time to while away,
Clear the path for a Now day.

Now is the moment we all should live
Not tomorrow, yesterday, or the past,
Now is the moment we all should live
For we don't know what tomorrow has.

Gather your loved ones and say -
I love you each and every day.
No matter what tomorrow portrays
Your Love goes a long, long way.

Now is the moment we all should live
Not tomorrow, yesterday, or the past,
Now is the moment we all should live
For we don't know what tomorrow has.

Remember all the joyous times -
Live them Now, one at a time.
Smile and say you're doing fine
Now is the time to feel divine.

Now is the moment we all should live
Not tomorrow, yesterday, or the past,
Now is the moment we all should live
For we don't know what tomorrow has.
by Patty Apostolides

I might make this into a song one day. What do you think?

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Chicago Writers' Conference

It was a pleasure visiting Chicago in September, 2016 for the Chicago Writers' Conference in downtown, Chicago.

We stayed at the Breakstone Renaissance Hotel off of Michigan Ave., just a few blocks away from the Conference Center.

The Blackstone was a beautiful, old hotel with lots of class, style and history. I understand that famous people stayed there in the early to mid-1900s, like a president or two. Our room was renovated and beautifully decorated.

Across from the hotel stood a beautiful, grand park with a water fountain.

I always love going to Chicago. It is a vibrant city that is filled with culture everywhere you turn.  

I stopped briefly to snap a pose, standing under blue, cloudless skies, while skyscrapers that reached toward heaven graced the background.

The nearby public library was quite massive, and filled with people. I particularly liked its architecture:

In the evening, the streets were filled with couples and families strolling about.

The weather was wonderfully mild and sunny, and the Conference Center, located on S. State St. was a five minute walk from the hotel. 

On Saturday, the Conference Center was packed with hopeful writers, presenters, agents, and a publisher or two. The presentations were quite interesting and motivating. I particularly liked the presentations by professors Miles Harvey and Christine Sneed, among others. They were down-to-earth and approachable people.

I bought a copy of Christine Sneed's book: LITTLE KNOWN FACTS and 
have it on my to-read list.

   During the 2-day stay, I learned not about the craft of writing, but more about what to do after one has written their manuscript: editing, finding an agent, publishing, marketing, etc.  

I even had the pleasure of giving a five minute "pitch" to agent Joanna McKenzie, which was a first time for me. My books are mostly geared toward the Greek market, as the themes tend to center around Greece and Greek themes.

For lunch, we stopped off at the Panda Express downstairs. Panera next door was a good stop for our morning breakfast and coffee, although the conference did provide free coffee.

On Saturday evening, there was a cocktail party up on the Grand Terrace and I got a chance to meet a few people there.

What was my take-away message? Keep on writing, and the publishing venue is changing quickly, as more and more people are self-publishing and doing well.

For more information about this vibrant group, visit:

Saturday, May 14, 2016