Friday, May 29, 2015

MFA degree

I have finally finished the last stretch of my MFA requirements! My bound thesis, HELENA'S CHOICE, which includes an Aesthetic Statement, has arrived safely on the desk of the Lead Faculty in Creative Writing at National University.

It all began in the Fall 2013, when I decided to enroll in National University's MFA in Creative Writing Program (California). Up until then, I had been writing for a good 12 years, producing my three novels LIPSI'S DAUGHTER, THE LION AND THE NURSE, and THE GREEK MAIDEN AND THE ENGLISH LORD, and other works. In order to enroll in the MFA program, I needed a "portfolio" and I had plenty of material to offer.

The courses were exceptional, and the faculty were very experienced and challenged us. We had  to do a lot of critical thinking, reading, and writing. Each course was intense and one month long, and I enjoyed each and every one of them. It showed, because I got one A- and the rest all A's, which means I'll be graduating with distinction.

What does this all mean to me? It means that I like to write, and am willing to put the effort to attend graduate school and work hard for a degree that requires a lot of thinking, reading, and writing. I was able to finish my historical novel HELENA'S CHOICE, through the program. I also wrote a novella and screenplay, among other works. I met some very interesting and talented classmates.

Ever since I made the commitment to change my career from scientist to author, I have met many, many fascinating people, through the Greek festivals where I sold my books, to the booksignings, and online writing communities, to meeting other authors at literary festivals, to my writing group in Bethesda. I have come a long way from the stay-at-home mother with a baby napping nearby while I steadily wrote my novel.

I am thankful to God for blessing me with a loving and supportive family, and for the gifts he has bestowed upon me.

P.S. Now I am looking for a publisher for HELENA'S CHOICE. Wish me luck!!