Monday, January 16, 2012

Here is the youtube of the St. Petersburg College event:
"Florida's Energy Future: What's at stake?"

I got a chance to ask a question. I'm the second person asking the question. You'll see me around 20 minutes before the end of the video. Good information on nuclear power. Please watch and pass on.

Friday, January 13, 2012

My speech at Public Hearing - Crystal River Nuclear Power Plants

On Jan. 12, 2012, I and my family, had the privilege of attending the public hearing for the environmental impact of the proposed building of the Crystal River Nuclear Power Plants by Progress Energy. The hearing took place at the Plantation Spa and Resort in Crystal River, Florida from 1-4pm. It was held before the administrative judges of the Atomic Sensing and Licensing Board: Alex Karlin (chairman), Dr. Anthony Baratta, and William Murphy. It was well attended and 50 people spoke, including me and my husband Anthony. We were each given 5 minutes to speak.

Here is the speech I gave:

"My name is Ipatia Apostolides. I worked as a biologist in the radiation biology field for several years. Ionizing radiation causes mutations in the DNA of humans and all living organisms, and these mutations can be handed down from generation to generation.

In my field of work, we conducted experiments on mice and tissue cultures using different types of radiation like cesium, neutrons and radioisotopes. I saw first hand the deleterious effect that ionizing radiation has on living organisms. This has been extensively written about since the 1950s, from the horrendous effects of the atomic bomb on the Hiroshima victims and more recently from the Chernobyl nuclear accident in the 1980s. I learned how to protect myself from this invisible enemy in the lab, by wearing gloves, masks, outer clothing, and dosimeters. But the common man has no such protection if there is a nuclear power accident and they are exposed to high levels of radiation.

In the past, radiation exposure from the environment was handled by our DNA repair mechanisms. However, man-made radiation does accumulate in our bodies, and does more damage over time. A study done by Joe Mangano etal looks at Strontium 90 in babies teeth. This radiation is coming from the milk they drink.

Nuclear power plants use radiation to boil water. This is an expensive way to boil water. Also, nuclear power plants can have major accidents as seen in Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and now Fukushima, Japan.

Japan is an earthquake prone country, yet they built nuclear reactors there. When the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami hit their Fukushima nuclear reactors, much devastation and loss has occurred. Now, Germany and Switzerland are shutting down their nuclear plants. To me, this is a prudent measure.

As I speak now, plutonium from the Fukushima accident is circling the globe as written in a Lithuanian study of December 2011.
The Japanese are reporting deaths from the Fukushima event and much suffering. Florida is a hurricane prone state. Yet they are considering building nuclear power plants. Do you see a pattern here?

The fact that I have to stand here and plead for the safety of my family and the rest of humanity, shows that we are not living in a benevolent society. The greed of the utility companies like Progress Energy wanting to build a nuclear power plant, given the Fukushima event, shows a lack of consideration and compassion for the human race.

What is wrong with using solar energy instead? There are no known health risks as in nuclear energy.

It is time to stop this insane love affair with nuclear energy."

At the end of the public comment period, Judge Karlin said that he's been doing this for a number of years, and that this was the first time he saw so many people attending such a hearing.

It won't be until October 2012 when the actual court hearing will take place. The Intervenors are: Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS), the Ecology Party of Florida, and the Green Party of Florida; they had filed a challenge back in Feb 2009. A pediatrician from The Physicians for Social Responsibility was also there and spoke. I was hoping to see more anti-nuclear activists there, like Union for Concerned Scientists, GreenPeace, NRDC, Sierra Club, Environmental Defense, etc. Several local politicians were there, and many were for the nuclear plant, while the majority of the people were against it (siting health risks, competition for water resources, polluting the environment, etc).

Sunday, January 08, 2012

TV Interview

I spoke with Angelos Aggelatos from the Greek TV station in Tarpon Springs, FL. and he will be doing an interview with me next month regarding my books. I will keep you posted on the news!