Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kelp Update

Well, I received a phone call from Mr. Earhart from Maine Coast the other day. He appeared to be a very nice gentleman and we had a nice chat. He told me that the kelp granules I bought were from Iceland and that they will check into their supplier. I also had him listen over the phone to the "ticks" coming from my geiger counter as it hovered over the bag of kelp. The ticking increased significantly from the background ticking a moment before. I sent the bags back to the company and they will take them to the university to have them tested further for radiation.

Maine Coast will keep me posted on what happens with the kelp.

Talk to you next time...and don't forget to smell the beautiful, white lilies, and the lilacs that are in bloom. Beautiful time of the year, it is. So enjoy it!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kelp May Be Radioactive

We recently ordered kelp from Maine Coast. It comes in 1 pound bags as kelp granules. We've been buying it for years now, but decided to order larger quantities because of the shortage and increased interest in kelp due to the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Iodine is found in kelp and is used by the thyroid and competes with the radioactive Iodine I-131.

We periodically test our food supply with our geiger counter, and today, when we got our new shipment of kelp, we tested it. The geiger counter shot up from 30 cpm to over 180 cpm! We were dismayed. I called the company but they are closed for inventory. We have decided to return the product. We wonder where they got the kelp from.

Please stay healthy and keep your immune systems robust. Also, stay inside when it rains. We've noticed the radiation levels go up whenever it rains.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Favorite Time of the Year

Occasionally, I post a poem that I wrote for my poetry group on this blog. Since Spring is in full bloom, I wrote a poem about it and would like to share it with you below. Enjoy!

My Favorite Time of the Year

Through eyes of velvety blossoms,
Those budding shades of soft pinks and creamy whites,
I watch spring unfold,
Dripping color like a Monet painting,
Honey rich for the taking,
And over there, I turn to listen to the
Cheerful chirps from those bold red robins,
Thrusting their chests out to the world
As they dance with flair among the
Yellow capped daffodils, bringing more color
For my enjoyment.
All coming together, like clockwork, streaming forward,
Beautiful and bold, a testimony to what really
Counts in life.

No matter what the news sprouts forth,
No matter what chemicals are spewed into the air,
No matter the diseases and the sadness.
I do not care -
At least not now, not this moment in time.
I take a deep breath, as the wind caresses my hair.
I embrace Spring, for what it represents,
Because Spring is here, life can continue,
And nothing and no one is going to stop it!

by Patty Apostolides, 2011