Saturday, February 27, 2010

Intuition and Health

Your Intuition and Your Health

Often we encounter periods in our lives where our health presents a challenge to us. Sometimes it can be a simple thing like a paper cut and other times a chronic, debilitating disease. We are all getting older, and we know that the older one gets the more probability of contracting a chronic disease like heart disease or cancer. Both those chronic illnesses require a considerable amount of time and effort to manage and treat.

The focus on this topic is to help those who are challenged with these issues to be able to read their bodies and to tune in to their intuition so that it becomes an integral part in their healing.

I have had many episodes in my life, whether dealing with my own illnesses, or dealing with illnesses of loved ones, where I have tapped into my intuition. I did not recognize the signals at first, but over time, learned to respect my body's signals and appreciate my intuition and trust it.

First of all, what is intuition, some may ask? My interpretation of intuition means a signal that comes from my body and alerts me as to what path to take for a certain health issue. It typically comes from within. For example, it can either be that sinking gut feeling that occurs when I hear the diagnosis or treatment plan. It can also come as a thought in my mind that gives me an idea as to how to go about obtaining health.

How does one tap into this intuition?

First of all, there has to be a trust built up between you and your body. To learn to trust your body, you must pay attention to it and be able to read it. For example, if you are tired, you rest. If you are thirsty, you drink water, and so on. If you have the flu, you don't go dancing or partying, but stay home and rest so your body can get back to normal. Once you start paying attention to your body and its rhythms and needs when it is well, then when it gets sick, you are able to tell the difference. So being tuned into your body is an important part of the trust.

When things go wrong, you will have the advantage of having known how your body runs when things are normal. But when they are not, and you go to your doctor who runs a series of tests and gives you a diagnosis like heart disease or cancer, then you need to get all the ammunition you can get, and it all begins with you.

Ways to help you through the maze of doctors and medicines:

1) Know the side effects of the medicines you are taking. I cannot stress that enough. Having worked as a data manager in a cancer center, I have seen first-hand the toxic effects of chemotherapy drugs on the patients and have learned to recognize the symptoms. If you take a medicine, and then suddenly you are having high blood pressure, or diabetes, or other new issues, then this is when your intuition should kick in. When did this new symptom occur? Always ask that. Was it before the new medicine or after? Pinpoint when it began. That is crucial, because what happens next is a spiraling in the number of medicines you will have to take. After you take the first medicine, then you need a second one to help with the symptoms caused by the first, and so on. Before you know it, you will be taking ten or so medicines a day! We saw this clearly with our elderly parents who had heart disease. One of the parents was taking 20 pills a day!

2) Do your homework as to alternatives to the treatment plan given to you. Second and third opinions should be the norm.

3) Live as if you have the disease even if you don't have it, which means don't do anything that might hurt your body. Eat properly (preferably organic foods), get plenty of rest, drink purified water, and minimize stress.

4) Anytime you get a diagnosis, research the topic. Go to the library and read books on it. Go online and check it out. Do not rely on others to make the decisions for you, be an informed patient.

5) If you feel that a doctor is not going along with your wishes, change him. Find someone who listens to you.

All the above aid your intuition. Good luck and God Bless!