Monday, June 25, 2012

Buying a refrigerator has turned out to be more work than we had thought previously. It all started out innocuously enough. One day, a few weeks ago, our Maytag refrigerator made a strange sound, as if it was groaning. At first, I thought it was a family member and ran out of the room, calling out if anyone had hurt themselves. After receiving reassurances from everyone, I then retraced my steps to find out where the noise had come from and lo and behold, the naughty black refrigerator silently stared back at me. It didn't register until a couple of days later why that sound was made. The refrigerator was going kaput, and it was no more than 10 years old! It happened gradually, as the produce started spoiling and the frozen foods were becoming mush, and I was cooking everything to save it (except for the ice cream, it turned into milk). So we called an appliance repair person and they came and checked it out. We were told that it needed a new compressor, which would cost around 500 dollars. We asked if there'd be a warranty/guarantee (we love to ask for these) and he couldn't vouche for it.

 "It could go tomorrow or it could run 10 years," he said, shrugging his shoulders.

  "Uhuh," I said inside me. Not good.

So we thanked him politely, paid him the service call and decided to purchase a new refrigerator. Our search was a quick one since we didn't have the inclination of shopping every day for food or eating out every day..
We ended up buying a Frigidaire refrigerator with top freezer  and no ice maker from Lowes. We like making our own ice, and besides, we were told that the majority of the service repairs for refrigerators were for the ice makers.

We've shopped from Lowes before but this time, when our refrigerator came, during the unpackaging moment of "ahaha! Our refrigerator has arrived!" I noticed two white tapes stuck on the sides so I pulled them off and found two scratches underneath them running down the side of the refrigerator, about 8 inches long each. It was noticeable and apparently someone had tried to hide with a white tape? Huh? So we asked Lowes to replace it. Ok. That arrived two weeks later and with a five year warranty (we wanted to make sure we'd have a running appliance for a few years at least...).

Now, you probably thought we were snug and happy with our new refrigerator? Not quite. Having experienced the demise of the Maytag, I sensed the temperature in the refrigerator wasn't up to par. The thermometer showed the refrigerator was in the mid-50s and the freezer in the teens. That is a no-no. They should be around 40 degrees Fahrenheit and 4-5 degrees F, respectively. So I upped the thermostat from normal to a colder setting, thinking that would do it. The next day, it hadn't reached the setting, nor the next, nor the next. So tomorrow I'm expecting the appliance repair man to come. This time, if he says it needs a new compressor...wish us luck. Oh, and this model was "made in Mexico."

P.S. the previous repair man said they don't make refrigerators like they used to. In the past, they would run 20+ years. Not anymore..