Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Walmart Slippers are Radioactive!

Background reading is 30 CPM

Walmart slippers show 132 CPM reading!!
Recently, we tested an old pair of slippers (rubber) for radioactivity with our radiation detector (Inspector) and they turned out to be 84 counts per minute (CPM). So we trashed them. We wanted to get another pair in their place and visited the Walmart store. Little did we know what we were getting ourselves into!!

We bought a pair of slippers from Walmart for a little bit over 8 dollars (brand name is ANDI). They are made in China. After our experience with the previous slippers we decided to test these for radioactivity once we got them home, just to ensure that they are safe.

First, we ran a background test on the ANDI slippers. As you can see in the images above, the first image shows the background radiation being 30 CPM, which is typical. We then placed the detector (Inspector) on top of the slipper and the reading shot up to 132 CPM. We redid it and the second reading was 164CPM. That means that the slipper is five times more radioactive than the background. This also happened with the second slipper. We were shocked at the high reading.

Then we placed the slippers in a plastic bag and the detector reading showed 130 CPM, which means that the majority of the radioactivity did not diminish but was able to pass through the bag, therefore it was not alpha radiation (it does not pass through paper or plastic), but was either beta or gamma rays, which pass through the bag. 

This is very bad news! We wonder how many people have bought these very same slippers not knowing that they were radioactive. We decided not to wear these slippers and to post them online to inform people.  We will take them back with the detector to Walmart and show them the results. Let's see what they decide to do about it!

Has anyone else had such an experience? Please let us know and we can post it here.