Saturday, January 05, 2013

A Glimpse of Winter - A Poem

A Glimpse of Winter

Winter is here in all its white glory -
Snowflakes fall and tell a story,
Perched on trees, like white feathered birds, 
Snow is silent, it cannot be heard.

Where is the radiant sun, do come around
To thaw this cold and ice covered ground
And warm our frozen, shivering hearts
That await for life once more to start.

We hide for a spell, seeking instead 
The warmth of a cozy house, a bed,
Sipping hot cocoa by a toasty fire
Reminiscing of flowers, spring's desire

The white blanket of snow is bountiful
So calm and peaceful, so beautiful
I cannot close my eyes to this beauty,
That claims such timeless tranquility.

Patty Apostolides, 2012