Monday, June 13, 2011

Green Expo in Frederick, MD

Today we attended the Green Expo Fair in Frederick, MD. It was hosted by Congressman Roscoe Bartlett and was an exciting event. Over 125 booths were set up and after the Congressman spoke, several speakers also gave fantastic talks on energy efficiency, building green, etc. We walked around in the Eventplex of the fairgrounds and talked to several of the exhibitors. We learned about energy efficient blinds, and robotic GPS guided carriers. We also got to learn more about geothermal heating, which was a fascinating concept, although somewhat expensive for the regular homeowner. There was even an exhibitor showing CPR and gives courses on emergency preparedness. We learned how landscaping can help make a home more energy efficient, and the different types of insulation used in homes.

I wish there were more people attending this fantastic event. Potomac Edison was also there, giving away bags filled with fluorescent light bulbs. A home energy audit is the beginning of making an energy efficient home. Energy efficiency means not only helping to make a greener environment, but it also means saving money in the long run by paying less on utility bills, and ultimately not requiring the use of oil from international sources.

I also had the privilege of speaking with Congressman Bartlett afterwards, and we talked a bit about nuclear energy. I specifically told him about my concern about the spent fuel rods that were piling up sitting next to the nuclear power plants. I also told him that we need to do something about them. I mentioned Ray Kurzweil's claim that in 16 years we would be using 100% solar because of the exponential growth in technology. As I was relaying my concerns about nuclear, a reporter from Frederick Post was jotting down notes and afterwards asked to put my name in his article. I was delighted. I hope more people voice their concerns about nuclear. It's a shame to let such a great nation go under, like Japan, because of negligent long-term planning for safety.

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