Friday, October 09, 2015

Poem - Gone Like the Music

This poem is dedicated to my late husband, Tony. I wrote it while listening to the following music:
Gone Like the Music
Sounds stream past me
You are gone, streaming past
me like the music that I hear
The soft, relaxing music
With the harp and the guitar
Meshing, weaving sighs of hope
Going on and on, a kaleidoscope of notes
As I gaze with my soul beyond this moment
Looking for signs of you
Going into your world
The other world
Your touch is in another plane.
Your smile is in another world.
You love was left behind
For me to cherish.
It was not just you
Or just me
It was you and me
The togetherness that I cherished
The merging of the minds
The merging of the hearts
The love we witnessed together
Grew stronger each day
Until we were like one
No beginning, no end
I used to say "Don't take anything for granted."
I used to say "I feel like I'm living in Paradise."
Our protected enclave was so perfect,
So peaceful, so calm.
We lived for each other in the stillness
Of the moment, yet that moment is gone
Like this music that will end
When I turn the sound off
I walk away to lie down
Hoping that sleep will
Overcome the sadness and
Bring you to me
And then I will tell you my news
As if you were seated next to me
Drinking coffee and talking
And laughing as if there was no tomorrow.
Ipatia Apostolides 2015

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