Wednesday, May 11, 2016

My book presentation in Astoria, NY

In Astoria, NY on May 8, 2016, I spoke on Hellenic FM Radio about myself and my new book H Ellnida Kori kai o Englaisos Lordos. I read Greek passages from my book. It was a lot of fun!  Kostas Katehis, who hosts the Sunday program 2:30-5pm is in the background. Dr. Sam Chekwas, my publisher (Seaburn Publishing) was also there, and said nice things about  my book on the air. Mr. Rigas Kappatos, poet, was also there to present his book of poems.
On this breezy, spring Sunday, May 8, 2016, at 6pm, I went to the Hellenic Cultural Center in Astoria, NY to meet with my publisher, Dr. Sam Chekwas, Seaburn Publishing. Rigas Kappatos (Poet), was also presenting his book of poems. He is to my right. Eleftheria, the lady on the far left, helped organize this event.

Signing books at the Astoria event
After giving a 15 minute presentation both in Greek and English,  I'm signing my book H Ellinida Kori kai o Englaisos Lordos. It took me several attempts to write my speech in Greek and I felt exhilarated when I accomplished it and spoke it in Greek that evening. This has been another life-long dream of mine, to be able to speak Greek properly. The Greek I speak at home is different from the "katharevousa" Greek which is found in Greek newspapers and Greek books. Dr. Sam Chekwas had my book translated into Greek with the help of several Greek translators and editors.
Booksigning at Astoria event

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