Monday, February 20, 2017

Toast for Life - Poem

I wrote this poem for a contest back in 2010, where they asked "What gets you out of bed in the morning?" This poem was the result. Enjoy!

A Toast for Life

To gather
Soft, willowy wisps of “thank you’s”
And blow them into the air until
A smile returns my way

To favor
Random acts of kindness
To those that hurt so much they cannot see,
Except my outstretched hand

To find
The path that leads to happiness
One step at a time
With a loved one by my side

To write
A story so pure and uplifting
That brings tears of joy,
One page at a time

To share
A journey of friendship
That lasts not only a lifetime
But forever

To search
For peace in everything
And once it is found -
Never let it go

To gain
The wisdom and foresight
Taught from life’s lessons
That leads me closer to maturity

To love
With a pure and forgiving heart
And allowing to be loved
One day at a time

To learn
Through books and classes
Of the universe’s secrets
And respect their power

To depart
This earth one day
Having accomplished my purpose -
To leave a part of me behind

- Patty Apostolides 2010

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