Monday, May 13, 2019

Mother's Day Poem


When I was a child
I remember your silent prayers
As you stood above my bed
Followed by your kiss upon my forehead
As I dozed off, feeling loved
While the night blew misty dreams 
Upon my closed eyelids.

When I was a young woman
Mornings were filled with loukoumades, or 
Black olives, feta, paximadia, and coffee 
Your chatter filled the kitchen with a familiar glow
That settled somewhere in my heart 
As I helped clear the table and wash dishes
While the sun’s rays competed for attention.

I remember 
Watching you water your garden lovingly
As if the blooming flowers were your children, too.
I watched you sew the buttons back on jackets 
And darn the holes on the socks.
I watched you give people in need your clothes and even furniture.
I watched you cry when someone was hurt,
And I cried with you.
Your childlike heart always forgave,
Which was a lesson I cherished all my life.

When I was older and had a family of my own
We moved far away, yet you were still dear in my heart.
You gave me advice on child rearing
From the phone, your voice, soothing and soft, 
Laid to rest my concerns, 
Yet you had problems of your own
When Father passed away, leaving you alone.

And now, in the winter of your life, your smile never fades
Always loving, always forgiving, always grateful you are
For even a glimpse of your children and grandchildren
You’ll always be strong, 
You’ll always be loving,
You’ll always be caring,
You’ll always be my mother,
Wherever you are.

Happy Mother’s Day!
Patty Apostolides May 12, 2019

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