Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Letter to the President stating we are against Nuclear Power

Given the recent developments in Japan and its nuclear reactor issues, I felt compelled to write today to our President about our views on Nuclear Power.

Here is the letter below:

"Dear President Obama,

We are very concerned about what happened in Japan regarding their nuclear power plants and the radiation being emitted.

I have worked in the radiobiology field for over a decade. I studied how radiation affected the cells in the laboratory. It was a devastating effect on the cells and although we cannot see, hear, or touch radiation, it can be very harmful.

My husband and I want to inform you, that as citizens of the United States, we do not want any nuclear power plants to exist in this country. It seems that nuclear power plants and earthquakes do not mix. We do not want to have another Katrina or 3 Mile Island on our hands - too big to handle.

Why not look for alternative energy sources that do not pose a risk to public health like nuclear power does? Given that our future is uncertain in relation to the impending solar maximum and its effect on our earth, including coronal mass ejections and earthquakes, it just does NOT make sense that nuclear energy is the way to go. It is too dangerous!

Please, Mr. President, say NO to nuclear power.
We personally have solar power on our house, and a lot of insulation for energy conservation. We support that type of alternative energy. If more people/industry used that kind of alternative energy, it would be a better and much safer future for all of us.

We don't want to go in the footsteps of Japan or France. The U.S. should go on its own alternative energy future (that does not include nuclear energy), and let the others

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