Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sweet and Sour Musings

There are times in our lives where decisions need to be made, not because we chose them, but the universe/God decided to land them in our lap. There are small, daily decisions that we make, like what to wear or eat, then there are the Big, once in a lifetime decisions to make, like getting married or losing a house to flooding or a storm and where to go from there.

This poem focuses on the big decisions that we've had to make recently. It's always hoped for that they turn out sweet and rosy.

Sweet and Sour Musings

Flowing streams of thoughts,
Like taffy candy, search
My consciousness for clues
That solidify the decision
Until it is hardened.
Yet it is not brittle,
So that if I were to tap it,
It would not break into little
Tiny pieces, littering the landscape
Of my mind.

The excruciating moment comes,
Whether I like it or not,
To make a decision that
Will move forward until the
Unknown outcome sprouts forth,
Which, hopefully, would
Be a beautiful thing -
Like a luxuriant flower
Or, if not, sadly one
That turns into dry dust -
Scattering our life away with the wind.
Time will only tell
If what we chose will be right for us.

by Patty Apostolides, 2011

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