Monday, March 21, 2011

Poem - Japanese Earthquake

The unprecedented earthquake and tsunami that recently took place
in Japan about a week ago left us breathless. We watched the news and our hearts cried out for mercy for the Japanese people that suffered during this difficult time. My poem is written from the angle of a person who witnessed the earthquake firsthand. This is just my imagination at work.

Japanese Earthquake

It does not matter,
Or does it,
I cannot tell, too tired to think,
When the core of the tsunami
Struck hard, so hard it hurts
To be buried in this cold bed
Of broken rubble, waiting for help

The ticking of the heartbeat
Strikes loud, so loud it hurts
To be alone, waiting, wondering
If anyone is alive, or were they
All washed away, like fish in the sea
Except for me
Why did you leave me, God, all alone
To suffer the humility of remembering
The past, which is forever gone

Oh, if only to turn back the time
To know that it was coming
So that I could
Be far away with loved ones
In a safe place
Warm and wonderful, cozy and comfortable

Too dangerous to dream, must keep
My wits about me, try and move out of here
It is getting cold and I am shivering
I try to move, but too heavy a load
Thought I heard someone
Tried to call out, but no one answered back.
Sleep is so inviting....

by Patty Apostolides, 2011

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