Saturday, December 11, 2010

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Today we put up our Christmas tree in the living room. It is a family tradition and fun for all of us. It helps to be organized and I always keep everything boxed, including the tree, ornaments and lights. So here we were taking everything out of the boxes, and what would we find but a stink bug!

This has become a common bug for us since we moved to our new home a year ago. It seems that they are rampant in this area (I see them in banks, stores,etc). Apparently this one thought it was getting a good deal with the green tree but alas, it was synthetic. It apparently had stayed there too long, for it was lethargic and didn't move. Maybe it was playing dead and thought we wouldn't see it. But we did. We grabbed the packing tape and touched the back of it to the back of the bug and neatly folded the bug into the tape. No stink, no mess.

Let me tell you about stink bugs:
Some interesting observations about these stoic creatures, is that they don't move that much during this time of year which suggest they are in a catatonic state, almost like a type of hibernation. They also prefer the light, and will fly around, buzzing like a fly until we shut the light and they go elsewhere. We have found them tucked into the curtain folds, and even in our linen closet. We have gone on a campaign to eradicate them. One major task this year was to replace our windows and make them tight (insulated and caulked). Since then, our stink bug population dropped significantly. Before we would see several almost daily. Now if we see one on a weekly basis, that is too much. The most intriguing part of this bug is that it does not have a predator, or so - I have been told. Now that does not make sense. If an insect exists on this earth, and is part of the food chain, there should be some predator...unless it is a new bug. My two bits is that it is a synthesized form (made in the lab) and all the kinks have not been worked on. It does not even move swiftly from us so that it could survive.

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