Friday, December 10, 2010

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How is it that old man winter is already here, knocking on my window pane with an icy fist? Today in the panhandle region of Maryland we were supposed to have temperatures in the mid-30s with cloudy skies. Instead, snow flurries came down heavily for at least two hours in the A.M., while the temperature struggled to get past 28 degrees Fahrenheit but couldn't make it.

Found a new schedule for homeschooling our son. Previous years, I would teach the lesson and he would do the assignment before we proceeded to the next lesson. At first, when he was in first grade and second grade, it was easy going.... but now he is in fifth grade and the classes have become progressively more demanding, which means he spends more time on his assignments and we would get finished with his classes until 7-8pm. I would love to spend all day doing classes, but I have so many other chores and errands to do, besides writing, of course, that it was becoming a big drain on my time. So I recently designed a new schedule, which so far is working better. We spend the first three hours just going over the classwork. He writes down his assignments in a special notebook and when we are done, he takes his recreation break, then proceeds to do his assignments, on his own. No interruptions anymore. I can do my work quietly.

The book orders are coming in for THE GREEK MAIDEN AND THE ENGLISH LORD. It is available in both softcover and hardcover from,, and many more online bookstores. I am grateful to all the readers, new and repeat, in placing their faith in me and ordering my books. I have been getting orders of 3 books or more from readers for Christmas, which is great! The more people that read my books, the merrier. I think this last book is my best, because it took me three years to research it and to write it. I intentionally did not rush into it, but decided to take my time, and this helped in the richness of description that shows throughout the book. I loved learning about the fashion during the 1800s in England, and what they ate and wore.

I recently did a guest post on where I wrote about the history that led up to THE GREEK MAIDEN AND THE ENGLISH LORD. There is also a giveaway of two books, one in the U.S. and the other internationally. This will be good until Dec. 12, 2010.
So I'm really excited about the lucky winners!

I would love to hear from readers who have read my novels. Many times I will get a note tucked into the order stating how they loved my previous books, and that means so much to me, for I write not just for myself, but to share it with my readers.

My husband is such a supportive and loving spouse. I am very blessed that he is so understanding about my needs. When I write, I get into a shell-like state. This happens in the evenings when junior is in bed and there is a good 2-3 hours of quiet time. I use it to write and write and write. My husband is also a writer and avid reader and will sit nearby, in the family room and read his books. We do many things together, and sometimes I'll look up from my writing and make a comment, and he'll be there, ready to offer his own views.

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