Saturday, September 10, 2011

Children's Book now on Youtube

About a year ago, I had written a children's book titled "King of Acornia" for a local writing contest. Our ten year old son enjoyed the pictures and the story immensely, but alas, it did not win.

Since then, the picture book has been languishing on the side, and recently I decided to resurrect it. I converted it from a pdf file into a movie, using some trial and error methods, I was able to upload it to Youtube.

Click here to watch King of Acornia

The story is about a squirrel who is a King of Acornia. The King of Acornia finds out through Harry the rabbit that the redhats are coming. They are developers that are cutting down the trees in the forest to develop the land. The king and his friends put their heads together to devise a plan to stop them. Will they win? Watch the video.

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