Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Using Windows Movie Maker

I recently discovered Windows Movie Maker on my laptop computer. I was interested and hooked once I started playing around with it.
First, I had to upload images, but my children's book "King of Acornia" was in pdf format. So in order to switch each page to an image, I copied each one onto the Paint program. That program is found by hitting the Start button, then the All Programs button, then the Accessories button, and finally the Paint button.

Once in Paint, I was able to copy the pdf page there (highlight the page, then Ctrl C, then paste unto Paint page with Ctrl V) and then resize the pdf image and touch it up. Once satisfied, it was saved as an image file. I did this with all 26 pages of the book. Once they were saved in my Pictures directory, I then copied them into the Windows Movie Maker.

I also needed to do a recording, so I went back to the Accessories button and clicked on the Sound Recorder. Here is where a microphone is necessary. Fortunately, I had one from a few years back when I was tinkering with some music. So I attached the microphone and hit the record button and recorded the music and voice. Make sure the sound is high enough or your might get a weak recording (Go to control panel, sounds, and check). Then save the recording when finished. This should be copied in the Movie Maker folder you are working on along with your images.

On the lower part of the page you will see Storybook. Then, some reels where you can copy and paste your images. Each image will last a few seconds on the screen so if you want it to last longer you need to copy 2-3 of the same image in sequence order. If you want to see how the music will fare, there is a timeline button near the storybook and make sure your music is stretched out long enough for your project. The effects and transitions buttons make the movie very professional looking. Play and save, and when you feel comfortable with the results, then hit the publish button. It should now be ready for uploading to the Youtube.

That's what I did, now I'm busy trying to design a book trailer for my book "The Greek Maiden and the English Lord." Oh what fun.

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